About Our Company

Freedom Wellness Solutions

We guide individuals, families, businesses and organizations on their journey to becoming the healthiest, fittest, most productive versions of themselves possible. Our programs are convenient and flexible, individually tailored to best meet the needs of your lifestyle or organization through in-home, on-site and online services. Emphasizing quality, professionalism, safety and convenience, Freedom Wellness Solutions is the one-stop health and wellness solution you’ve been looking for.
What Sets Us Apart

More than just a trainer

The fitness industry is waking up and slowly shifting from “just fitness” to a more holistic approach in pursuit of overall health and well-being. Many coaches are now scrambling to become experts in nutrition, sleep hygiene, stress management, general health and behavior change psychology. While we are happy to see the industry shift in the right direction, we are proud to be ahead of the curve, knowing that these very shifts are the foundational principles of which the Freedom Wellness Solutions system was built. Personal Training fails more often than it succeeds when the other areas of one’s life and habits aren’t addressed. We go beyond traditional personal training, partnering with you as your one-stop Health and Wellness Coach.
Founder and Co-Owner of Freedom Wellness Solutions

Bryan Dearnley

Bryan Dearnley 2022
- Founder and Co-Owner of Freedom Wellness Solutions
- National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach
- Graduate of the National Personal Trainer Institute
- Certified Nutrition Coach– Precision Nutrition
- Certified Sleep, Stress Management & Recovery Coach- PN
- Certified Corporate Wellness Coach– The Spencer Institute

Bryan began his personal journey back in 2010, after being diagnosed as pre-diabetic at the young age of 17. After seeing the positive impacts a few months of hard work in the gym and kitchen could do for his body and health, he quickly became hooked on the lifestyle. Through his journey he realized that helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle was his calling, and took action to become a professional trainer and coach.

His career in the health and fitness industry kicked off in 2014 after graduating from the National Personal Training Institute. Upon graduation he began working as a trainer in a variety of settings in order to gain the most amount of experience possible. Rising through the ranks of the fitness industry and helping countless clients along the way, he was promoted into management which allowed him to teach other trainers and oversee the success of thousands of clients throughout his career.

Bryan has coached, managed and consulted in fitness centers all across the country which has provided him a rare understanding of the industry, seeing first-hand what works and what doesn’t in terms of creating client success. Seeing the disconnect between so many trainers and clients prompted him to get additional training in areas such as nutrition coaching, general health and behavior change psychology.

Bryan founded Freedom Wellness Solutions in 2020 after moving back home to New England with his wife, Maricela. In his free time he enjoys going for hikes, trying new recipes and spending time with his wife and daughter, Lilly.

Christina started her career as a personal trainer and health coach after realizing how much exercise changed her life. “Finding my own self-care, peace and passion in fitness brought me such a higher quality of life, and I knew I had to share this with others.” Christina is a plant based (vegan 5 years) competitive CrossFit Athlete and Olympic lifter. She is always testing and researching new ways to enhance sports performance through proper training and nutrition. From working with high level athletes who need fine tuning to beginners looking to start their journey, she loves to do it all!

Christina brings a unique skill set to Freedom Wellness with her background as a professional chef, blending her experience beautifully with nutrition coaching which allows our clients to learn and apply the practical skills necessary to be successful in the kitchen. Christina is known for her virtual cooking classes “Cooking with Christina” which is offered to individual and corporate clients including Boston Scientific and CLA.

Christina uses her passion for health and fitness to push others to succeed in all ways possible! She enjoys using a holistic approach to coaching, optimizing the 3 pillars of individuals lives to help improve their mind, body, and soul. With a college education in Psychology and extensive training in the psychological aspect of coaching, she takes a thorough approach to helping those truly reach their goals. “One step at a time, one small habit at a time” Christina enjoys spending her free time with her two pups, son Vincent and spouse, Natasha.

Co-Owner of Freedom Wellness Solutions

Christina Gomes

christina gomes
- Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (American Council of Exercise)
- Certified Group Class Instructor (L1&L2 - Two Brains)
- Certified Level 1 CrossFit Coach
- Certified Nutrition Coach (Precision Nutrition)
- Bachelor’s in human services & Psychology (QVCC)
- Certified Spanish Translator (American Translator Association)
- Professional Chef