Cooking With Christina

Before dedicating herself fulltime to Freedom Wellness Solutions, Coach Christina was a professional Chef specializing in fine food fusions varying from Sushi to authentic Latin Cuisine. "After spending many years as a private and professional Chef, I realized that food is my niche and I had to continue to help people through food and nutrition!" Now Christina utilizes her skills and experience as a chef to coach clients on how to properly fuel their bodies through nutrition, providing them with the practical skills necessary to put our nutritional recommendations to work and be successful in the kitchen.
“With 10 years of commercial and private cooking experience, I have submerged myself in all cultures of food. Ranging from proper Sushi preparation and fine Japanese cuisine, to Middle Eastern, French, Italian and traditional Latin dishes... I love it all! I have a passion for bringing others joy. Besides, who doesn’t love food!? I started “Cooking with Christina” at the start of the pandemic because I knew so many families were struggling to find peace and excitement in their kitchens. When the restaurants had to temporarily close I knew that people still wanted to enjoy amazing food & get together, even if it was virtually. I created a virtual experience where we could pick a recipe together, walk through it with a delicious cocktail to pair (if that's what you're into) all while spending time together laughing and enjoying each other and learning something NEW! One of my biggest goals is to bring people together over food, and help them truly enjoy cooking, creating meals, and nourishing their bodies just as much as I do. We have so much fun, and each class is a unique and entertaining experience! I’m excited to share this experience with our FFT clients and their families”. – Coach Christina
Cooking With Christina” has been a HIIT since its inception and the proof is in the pudding (literally). Contact us today to learn more and see why companies like Boston Scientific and CLA regularly book “Cooking With Christina'' as part of their employee appreciation programs
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