We consider coaching a success when our clients build the skills and self-determination necessary to not only reach the goals we set together but to push past them in pursuit of a life-long health and wellness journey. Our focus on education and explaining the “why” behind your custom program will build your confidence to become independent for the long haul!

Our Holistic Approach

At Freedom Wellness Solutions, we understand that success goes beyond a good workout and that your overall results depend on more than the 2-5 hours a week you spend exercising. Our coaches pride themselves on being more than just a typical personal trainer, holistically offering our clients quality nutrition and health coaching to ensure all their health and wellness needs are met. The truth is, you could follow the very best exercise program in the world and still see minimal to no results if other factors like nutrition, sleep and stress aren’t equally addressed. You’ll find our approach unique and refreshing as we partner with you to find the best solution on your terms rather than putting on the “expert hat” and giving you a list of things that need to be “fixed”. You're the expert in your own life, our job is to help you find the best path to keep moving forward and to overcome the inevitable challenges along the way, one small win at a time.

Stand-Alone Services

While most clients will opt for our holistic approach, we recognize that not everyone needs everything. For example, maybe you're a strength coach just looking to enhance your nutrition or a registered dietitian just looking to train. Perhaps you're already working with a trainer and you just want to work on nutrition, decrease stress or improve other aspects of your health & wellness. We are happy to offer fitness training, nutrition coaching and health coaching as stand-alone services to best meet your individual or group needs.

Flexible and Affordable: Solutions for every-BODY and every budget

You don't need to be a lottery winner or a Fortune 500 CEO to afford our services. Coaching has never been more mainstream and we understand the importance of offering flexible, affordable options that anyone can take advantage of. Some clients may find a 1-2X month program to be the best fit for them and some may seek to work with us 1-3x week. Regardless of session frequency, all clients receive written plans to continue on between sessions in addition to accountability check-ins and on-going support from your coach. You do not need to have a home gym or extensive equipment to benefit from a program. We design your program based on what you have to work with, even if it's just your own body weight or a set of resistance bands. Whether you're in your 70's looking to start exercising for the first time or an elite athlete looking to increase your performance, we have a solution for you.

Our programs are offered in-home, on-site and online. In-person services are offered to individuals and groups in Worcester County, MA and Windham County, CT. Hybrid programs (in-person and virtual) are available to those throughout New England who do not reside in those counties. Don't reside in New England or prefer to keep things 100% virtual? No sweat, our online coaching programs can benefit anyone, anywhere.


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