Flexible & Affordable Fitness Training and Wellness Solutions in New England

Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching: Private & Semi-Private Programs

When you are looking for a provider of fitness training and wellness solutions serving New England, you're in the right place. Freedom Wellness Solutions provides 1-1 and group training services in-home, on-site and online. We provide a convenient, thorough approach to reach their health and fitness goals. We serve clientele in the New England states. Our mission is to be the last solution you’ll ever need to reach and sustain your fitness goals. We embrace a holistic approach to fitness, nutrition, and overall health & wellness.

We match our coaching style to your preferences. Whether you prefer a direct action plan, an educational experience or a mix of both, we are here to help!  We consider coaching to be a success when our clients reach their goals, building the essential skills and self-determination to continue forward.

Fitness training, nutrition coaching and health coaching are all part of our holistic coaching process. However, we offer these as stand-alone services if you've already got some of the bases covered. Already working with a trainer? Nutrition coaching may be the missing piece you need to take your results to the next level. Are you currently working with a dietitian or nutrition coach? If so, let's add some movement into the mix and help you build an effective fitness plan. Whether your program is holistic or specialized, you'll find our solutions to be convenient, flexible and affordable.

Corporate Wellness Services

Freedom Wellness Solutions offers flexible solutions to meet the health and wellness needs of your business or organization. We provide on-site and virtual wellness workshops, individual and group health coaching, fitness classes, cooking classes, health risk assessments, ergonomic assessments and much more. Let us help you equip your team with the tools and knowledge they need to become the healthiest, fittest, most productive versions of themselves.

Supporting Our Troops

Freedom Wellness Solutions is proud to offer any Veteran of the United States complimentary coaching services in an effort to support those who have served our country. Check out the "How We Support Our Troops" page under the "Our Services" tab to learn more about this free service.

Family Wellness

Looking to get your family on track toward a healthier lifestyle but not sure where to start? Freedom Wellness Solutions offers in-home services to families throughout New England designed to jump start your journey. Services include family health risk assessments, health education, home workout program design, sleep hygiene, grocery store tours, meal prep/ cooking instruction, and much more. Together, we will help you build the skills and environment you need to bring your family's health to the next level.

Cooking With Christina

Eating healthy doesn't have to be bland or boring, especially when you've got confidence in the kitchen to experiment with new recipes and apply new cooking techniques. Cooking With Christina is a live service offered in-person, on-site and virtually to provide you with a fun, educational cooking experience that will not only leave you with a delicious home cooked meal but also a newfound excitement for cooking and healthy eating. If you're looking to improve your skills in the kitchen, try out a new recipe with the live instruction of a professional chef or simply prove to yourself that eating healthy can be fun and tasty then look no further than "Cooking With Christina". Classes are offered to individuals and groups. Contact us today to learn more and see why clients and companies such as Boston Scientific regularly book our cooking classes as part of their employee wellness program.
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About Freedom Wellness Solutions

Your one-stop Health and Wellness Solution

At Freedom Wellness Solutions, we understand better than most that personal training often fails when other aspects of the clients wellness aren’t equally addressed. A few workouts per week won’t help you achieve much without proper nutrition, quality sleep, stress management, and an overall supportive environment. While achieving overall health and wellness can go much deeper than just the physical components, we feel this is a great start!

Our coaches possess extensive training in behavior change and coaching psychology, which allows us to truly partner with our clients. We understand that you are the expert in your own life and bring a unique set of strengths and experiences to the table. We meet every client exactly where they are at in their journey, partnering with you to come up with a personalized plan that builds off your strengths, addresses potential challenges, and fully supports you every step of the way.

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